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E.ON is one of the leading energy providers in the UK.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Eon full-time for more than a year Cons: 1. 2 CEOs does not work. 2. It’s obvious, but any positive reviews on here were written by management or assigned to staff. 3. Low pay, no increases, stock options tend to be the incentive of choice. With insanely high turn over and a maturation timeframe of 3 years, stock options mean next to nothing. 4. Ownership backchannels that dont allow teams to function, compounded with non-existent and incoherent communication from the dual CEO arrangement sets the stage for frustration. 5. Complete lack of management experience from CEO/Owners. 6. Catch phraseology sounds great but tends to mean absolutely nothing. 7. Big promises on bonuses and incentives that are impossible to achieve."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Eon full-time Cons: Due to my employment at eon, I developed severe anxiety. It was impossible to do anything right, no matter how hard I worked. The “co-CEOs” constantly contradicted each other in their directives to the employees and instead of resolving their differences they would consistently blame the poor employee caught in the middle. The expectations were unrealistic, the prospect of working there for a long period of time was unappealing, and the compensation was lacking. Eon was a body-mill. The sentiment frequently expressed by management was that any employee could and would be replaced at any time for any reason, and to say attrition was high is an understatement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Eon full-time for less than a year Cons: I only worked for this company for a very short time before I was let go. I want to start off by saying I’ve never been fired from an employer before and have always had an incredible work ethic that I’m very proud of. I was told to do certain things by both CEOs and then not given the proper tools to do so. I was told to do tasks by other employees that I wasn’t even allowed to do according to one of the CEOs. They’ll hiring you without having the full medical knowledge of what they do and you’ll have no time to essentially become an expert in that. You are given too many tasks (that a secretary should be doing) that aren’t relevant to your job description and prevent you from again learning what you’re suppose to. The CEOS are not on the same page. It was so embarrassing to be told I “wasn’t good enough” in the manner I was when I know for a fact the way they run their business is at no fault but their own and my “failure” was because of their unrealistic expectations and failure to properly train. It seems so crazy that you question if you were purposely setup for failure for their amusement. They talk down and embarrass their staff in front of everyone else. I could go on and on but if you work for this employer you will soon learn. I think they only keep the small amount of people around because they have to. Their cause seems honorable at the core but after experiencing this environment I start to wonder if they really are trying to help people out or just trying to make money."

Former Employee - N/A says

"I worked at Eon full-time for more than a year Cons: A surplus of broken promises to employees. While I was there, roughly one person was let go every month. Employee's never knew who was going to be let go next. There was never a clear direction between the two CEO's."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at Eon full-time Cons: micro manage there staff and time"

Customer Complaints Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at E.ON from 2016-2017 in Customer Complaints Resolutions. This is the worst job that I have ever had. A group of us were taken on as “contractors” which basically means that you have no career advancement and no support from HR. Cons: Everything. Work culture. Poor management. Stress. Lack of support."

Customer Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Really disappointed working for E.on Cons: Nothing"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Not a job for anyone expecting to be treated fairly overall. Granted there were some good people there, but those in superior positions, were either conceted, insulting, or hypocritical over "behaviour traits", that they believed I violated. When I raised issues with my contract team at Manpower (personnel supplier to eon), I was disbelieved, or offered none of the promised support Cons: Corporate mentality leaves no room for compassion or honour"

Technical Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Don’t be fooled by the size of it. This company has a bullying culture by the managers and is well known by all of them. It’s very clique. Money is not that great if you compare it to other companies. Avoided at all cost.."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Lacking organisation and structure .The training was basic and failed to deliver af all.The advice left employees ill prepared to make targets or demands Cons: U nostructured"

Meter reader (Former Employee) says

"Really disappointed in such a large organisation being so unorganised not caring about the field staff and give no drive to progress,they say they have a zero tolerance to bullying but just leave things . Cons: Pay, management, negative staff"

Worker drone (Former Employee) says

"A heartless, soulless and morally bankrupt organisation that views people in the same light as the energy they flog - nothing more than a commodity."

KAM (Current Employee) says

"Sjukt oseriös arbetsgivare, prekärt ledarskap. Hade inte fjärrvärme och elnät varit reglerat hade detta företag varit till råttorna. Kollegor som vantrivs så mycket att sjukskrivningarna är allmänt vedertaget i detta bolag. Cons: Ledarskap"

Complaints Resolution Manager (Former Employee) says

"Answering calls dealing with customer's complaints. I find the job in itself not bad, but the salary does NOT reflect the nature of the job. The pay should be at least 4k more. The wages are extremely low for a complaints handling role. The training was non existent, support is non existent. There is an extremely high turnover of staff, even for a contact centre. Surely this indicates that most people aren't fufilled. There's more emphasis on answering calls and taking on new complaints rather than working the ones you already have. The RM to RM process is just silly and not customer friendly. Someone could be working a complaint for two months, and if the customer calls in to speak the resolution manager, you have to take over. Cons: Pay, Training, abusive customers, pressured to take calls, being asked why you took 3 mins extra at lunch"

Finance Manager (Contract) says

"One word; AVOID! Cons: everything"

Fuhrparkleiter (Current Employee) says

"Drei Jahre E.ON zeigten 3 verschiedene Einsatzorte, welche jeweils mit dem Nötigsten ausgestattet waren - die IT. Kaum ein Standort war ausreichend mit Sauerstoff versorgt oder ausreichend Tageslicht. Man fühlt sich wie bei der Arbeit untertage. Cons: Arbeitszeiten, Einhaltung von Ruhezeiten, räumlicher Zustand, Gehaltszahlungen, ..."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place top work I wouldn't recommend this energy company to my worst enemy. Don't appreciate the work of the small people within the company but like the girls who chat about shoes all day"

Telefonförsäljare (Former Employee) says

"Bra kollegor men dålig ledning för fick betydligt mindre lön än vad jag skulle ha Cons: Fick inte den lönen som jag skulle få"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Nothing pleasant about working for E.ON, Their current restructure is really making colleagues feel like they are worth nothing and they are doing nothing about it. Cons: Thankless, Demotivating, Little to no progression opportunities."

Venditore (Former Employee) says

"Retribuzioni basse rispetto alla norma, formazione scadente, soglie per raggiungere i bonus troppo alte, scarsa integrità morale col cliente Cons: nessun bonus"

External wall insulation Apprenticeship (Former Employee) says

"I was an apprentice for e.on we were promised pay rises and everything and never got them there was hardly any work to do most of the time we would be sat around and course work we never had help with at all it was just left in a folder for us to do and not explained and we were expected to supply our own tools for the job on apprentice minimum wage. Cons: everything"

customer service advisor (Former Employee) says

"worse place ever to work accept the friend wat made it ok but to pushy"

HSE Advisor (Former Employee) says

"5 diectors in 5 years constantly going through poorly managed change with little support always trying to squeeze more out of you. Does not support development. Does not recognise experience. Case of if your face fits. Very uncomfortable"

Hálózat szerelő (Former Employee) says

"A kollegalitás ..maximális hiánya a főnökségnek felvezett problémák kezeletlensége beigérnek mindent továbbtanulás ,iskolák elvégzése stb... de azt elfelejtik mondani hogy mégsem úgy van az ahogy te elgondolod ..fizetés köszönő viszonyban sincs az EU- s elvárt normáknak. A kollégák segítőkészsége nulla, lenéző,pökhendi, arogáns ordibáló ki ha én nem emberek Tiszt.a kivételnek de ilyen alig volt.. sirnak hogy sok a munka mennyi mindent kell csinálni készenlét stb.Párokban dolgoznak ha odakerülsz azokat szétszedik hogy betanítsanak téged de abban nem sok köszönet van..."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This has to be the worst company I have ever been employed by. Years of stress within this company, often from managers have caused me to be ill. A very unhappy workforce."

K Warwick says

This company uses algorithms to randomly overcharge, and to harass, customers.
Add to this appalling customer service erratic a litany of serious faults such as unreliability, false promises, fake claims, patronizing and insulting attitude towards reality and facts.
The worst ever customer service with a monumental lack of customer service probity and fairness.
They tried to tell me that despite a current winter deficit of just £175, that I should actually be paying almost double! Codswallop!
What they are doing is trying to accrue cash upfront, and totally deny the whole point about direct debit budgeting, and how the average annual bi8lls pan out to be in reality.
They actually demanded I should pay them what worked to around £5000 per year and not the ACTUAL amount of circa £2000!
I last spent 1 hour and 45 minutes exactly on my third and hopefully final call to read them the riot act, so to speak. Hopefully they have got the message. they have now confirmed in email that they will accept my insistence to pay £150 per month.
TIP: Keep a record of all emails and telephone calls and if you feel they have not treated you fairly, threaten them with an OFGEM complaint, and if that does not work, actually contact OFGEM and complain formally.
See what happens with OFGEM, but whatever you do change to another provider, as overcharging seems to be EON's default mode in my experience!
Do not let them walk all over you!"

,Kenneth Wylie says

"Worst customer service ever took extra dd on Christmas eve offered a 10 credit after 2nd complaint advised that not looking for credit just to cancel contract without exit charges called back by them today can't leave without fee and no longer offering credit"

James Ager says

"5th of january 2021 website has not worked so far this year it`s a disgrace out dated and slow at the best of times but now totally useless and not fit for purpose"

Pmd says

"Honestly one star is too much.. minus stars would be better. Do not go with this joke of a company e.on are utter thief's and bully's!! Do not join this incompetent provider! Terreible customer service...doesn't exist...and they lie through their teeth when it comes to everything and anything..bodge everything they can but continue to demand money out of you that you do not owe them!!"


"Worst company been waiting for 3weeks for a complaints manger to call me as my smart meter on nightrate used 200units .in one night ."

David F says

"Don’t join really poor customer service often left on hold for about an hour then when you finally get to speak someone they don’t know how to resolve the issue so they have to speak to someone else , so then put on hold another 20minutes to often just get hung up on. To cancel you account is a nightmare don’t just rely they have cancelled when they say they have. I cancelled online through live chat who guaranteed it had been cancelled and I wouldn’t need to call I did so anyway after finally getting through they said it hadn’t been cancelled and they would do it. Had to call another time as only cancelled electric even though on dual fuel tariff, so has taken 5 times to cancel account including times I’ve just been hung up on and it wouldn’t surprise me if they still haven’t done this properly. The amount of time I’ve spent doing this is a joke especially when you need it cancelled promptly as nearly out of 14 day cooling off period. Also I have relations with Eon and their energy prices are sky high as Eon offers such poor tariffs to existing customers much worse than other rival big six suppliers, whom also answer their calls much quicker than EON I Would not recommend anyone to join even if new customer and can get good deal. I’ve been with British, Gas, Scottish Power and various others all much better."

Mr thorpe says

"I went with Eon a year ago, was quoted £83 a month, they now say after a period of time I owe them £700. Nothings changed in the house, I'm not using anything extra from then. I'm getting bill after bill owing more again. Honest opinion, they're rubbish and scammers, should never be allowed to be a functioning company. This is from an old age pensioner with barely any money and threatened court action if I don't pay."

Consumer says

"We have been scammed by a broker preporting to be from eon. Worse still the telephone recording has been doctored. We don’t want the contract we allegedly agree to. Eon will not cancel it disputed being a business customer for 25years they believe the broker not us.i would not recommend them and business should be aware. They are acting frueduantly."

Chris Kay says

"Unfortunately zero stars doesn't seem to be an option. Appalling service. Sold the property in August, notified eon of all relevant data, requested closure of account and return of credit balance. Three months and many calls later the account is still not closed. No one can give a coherent explanation why not. I continue to be billed standing charges and no refund has been made. I have filed a complaint that I will forward to the ombudsman after the 12 week period required. Each pointless call to eon takes about an hour. Use any other supplier if you can."

Dzintra Grabinskis Davison says

"At this point I am incredulous to the situation. My previous month's bill was £33. This month its somehow jumped by £60. I have noticed a pattern of repeatedly attempting to charge me at least £10 more than I have actually used. I have a fireplace which is used daily. I have only put the heating on a few times within this month. I used prepayment meters previously for years, and have never had a bill this high! It would also appear the gas has been cut. No number to call as they're not open today, looked for a complaints procedure, everything but what I need, so no form of contact can be made today. The website does not appear to be as direct and user friendly as it would propose. There is no email, online or telephone means of contact for general complaints, they must be written. Conveniently time consuming in opposition with every other area of complaint advertised on the website, at this point given the current circumstances, that really isn't good enough. Efficiency is questioned as a customer when, in order to obtain a resolution, you must use another website to place your complaint as the company's own is not effective or as supportive as it should be in this matter. In the middle of a pandemic into winter and the gas has been cut with no means of a resolution today and been charged a ridiculous bill. Not good for the second month of service as a first time customer. This, after having just resolved issues with Robinhood who had attempted to charge me for the previous tenants bill.
From a quick look at their complaints log, it would also seem complaints have escalated, while this may be due to issues related to covid, the complaints appear to have been quite high before then also. But it is a convenient excuse to adopt currently. This is not a good situation two months in and is reminiscent of recent experiences."

Mr Steven Ryan says

"Had a smart meter fitted worked for about 3 weeks still not fixed nearly 6 months ago tried to call 1 to 2 hour wait time they do not return calls or emails. I opened an official complaint they closed it without the problem being resolved..... Awful customer service they basically sold me a product that does not work... Opened a case with ombudsman"

Joanne Martin says

"We purchased a house and the deceased owner was on eon for the gas. Eon billed us for a month before we owned the property. No amount of trying to call or email do I get a response and now they have charged me £10 late payment for a bill that is incorrect and money I do not know. I have spent more on phone calls than the cost of the mistake. As soon as they actually sort the account I will be leaving them."

Emma Doyle says

"There service is terrible and they are a complete rip off. I can’t wait to be able to move suppliers. Don’t use them."

Liam Bradley says

"Its a shame you can’t vote 0 stars.

They got one star and one word to describe them C*NTS"

Joakim Wohlfeil says

"Worst electrical company you can imagine. Have been an E.ON customer for years and sadly live in an area where they have monopoly. They are using the situation to their maximum benefit. Useless service and products, but extremely high pricing (as we as customers don´t have the alternative to change supplier to a serious company). If you have the ability, do whatever you can to not get involved with E.ON
The main concern for most of us present E.ON customers (90% of us) would be to find a way to change to another supplier."

Kevin Gable says

"Have to give 1 star really should be minus 10. My 83 Yr old mother switched to eon for 4 weeks realised her mistake and switched back. Recieved a bill for £59 which she paid and got receipt paid in full. Since then has had 3 different bills of £59, £150 and £623. Has had red letters and now threats of bailiffs. Being a vulnerable elderly lady with heart condition, this has made her life hell. Eon are a total rip off company and there customer care is. We don't care about our customers. We are currently fighting through trading standards if that fails i am going to court toget an injunction. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS."

David Ashdown says

"Robbed me of £77 2 months after I gave final meter reading and paid final bill obviusly decided they hadn't fleeced me enough, stupidly I didn't cancel the direct debit to them
Steer clear absolute crooks"

Kristina Iliadi-Labinaite says

"I have stupidly overpaid for electricity, and when i switched supplier eon refused to refund the money back. Independent engineer came to take a meter reading but eon rejected it even though they have requested it.

So basically I've spent 6 years with eon, always kept my account in credit just in case if i find myself out of job and now they refuse to give money back, the money is not theirs... we are looking at around £700.... i'm very upset and I would never ever recommend eon to anyone. disgusting behavior!"

Margaret Beswick says

"I'm so sick of trying to top up on the app this company blows I'm fuming they say they are all singing and dancing they are are rubbish enough said"

Tenny Jennuà says

"Disgrace of UK, this company is probably the worst company I've dealt with."

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